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Innovation and Dedication in Printing

At Lunar Graphix, printing is our passion, with unrivaled dedication to the craft. Dedication to our craft means that we will always provide the best service and products available to our customers. We strive to provide innovative printing and signage solutions from commercial to personal. Our mission is simple: it's you and making your thoughts come true through high-quality prints and signage.

Value where it matters

Customer Service

We realize that our customers are our greatest assets and we focus on them every step of the way. With work and quality guaranteed on our end, and a seamless experience on yours. We deal with the whole process starting from concept, to permits, to installation- so you don't have to! Feel free to contact us at any time.


Our team environment is as efficient as it is agile. We produce fast turnaround on all our products without ever forgetting that quality is key. We really enjoy what we do, and it shows in our printing and signage.


There are more options becoming available everyday within the printing and signage industry. Utilizing modern processes and machinery maximizes quality while reducing costs. In addition to new technologies, our design team drafts innovative solutions for up-to-date business signage and printing.


Guaranteed quality everywhere from start to finish, we define our goal as giving you a great product and an even greater experience. If you have any questions, one of our talented team members is ready to help.

Meet Our Team

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Ryan Hutton

Production Manager

Ryan is an industry professional with over 20 years experience. Born into an entrepreneurial family, Ryan grew up helping his father's startup by shrink wrapping business cards in their small garage.

When his father's company went on to become a multi-million dollar success, Ryan decided to take leave of the traditional paper printing world and formed his own business in 2011 that merged print on demand with drop shipping capabilities. After eight years of record profits Ryan had created a solid foundation of technology, supply chains and workforce management to fully automate his company.

Together with his wife Marsha and close friend Joaquin, Ryan helped form Lunar Graphix in February of 2019. Using his intimate knowledge of startups, Ryan is confident in the growing printing industry and aims to create another successful business with a focus on customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.

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Marsha Hutton

Graphic Designer

Marsha is a transplant from snowy Rochester, Minnesota who moved to Kansas in 2011 searching for warmer weather and an education at the University of Kansas. After leaving school, Marsha helped manage the daily operations of a million dollar printing company for two years. During this time, Marsha created her own online print shop which focused on digitally printed promotional items such as yard signs, coffee cups, ceramic tiles and more.

With a budding interest in graphic design, Marsha teamed up with her husband Ryan and their friend Joaquin to create Lunar Graphix. Marsha's previous experience in management and interest in design have allowed to her rapidly advance up the industry ladder. She is excited to continue to grow her skills in the thriving world of printing.

Marsha loves to work in Adobe Illustrator and is familiar with the latest RIP softwares including Onyx, Flexi and RasterLink. She has also ran equipment from world-leading brands such as HP, Mimaki, Epson, Mutoh, and Epilogue.

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